Pay as you Swim

Do what works for you.

I believe one hundred percent that swimming is a worthwhile, wonderful activity for you and your baby to enjoy together. I'm also the mum of two young girls, and I remember very vividly what the newborn stage is like and know how challenging life with toddlers and young children can be.

I remember what it's like to have a night with very little sleep. I remember the frustration of having a baby who decides to nap just at the second you need to leave the house.

At a time when money is tight for a lot of families, signing up to a term of swimming lessons can feel like a stretch too far - especially when it feels like there are a million reasons you might not make the class every week.

And that's why I've set up Pay as you Swim - you commit to and pay for one lesson at a time - if you or your baby are off colour, you haven't lost out financially. If you've been up all night with a teething baby, you can take it easy the next day and come and join us again when you're both ready.

How does it work?

Register your contact details, medical information and swimming experience.

Welcome Email

I'll send you an email with details of the pool and any access codes you might need, plus the password for the booking page.


You can pre-book your class and choose to pay in advance to confirm your slot, or pay cash on the day. Booking confirms that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions.

Jump In!

Come and join us for a swim! As long as you have registered online you can be sure you'll have a space.

The Details

Classes will run on Tuesday mornings during term time at Whitings Hill, Barnet at the following times:

10.00am: Babies aged 4 months - 1 year

10.30am: Children aged 2-3.5 years

11.00am: Babies aged 1 -2 years

£13.50 per class (or £12.50 per class if you sign up for the term in advance, paying by bank transfer or monthly direct debit).

What to expect

The lessons run in much the same way as any of my Parent and Child classes. I use the same toys, songs, holds, moves and techniques as I would if you booked for a block of lessons. The term will be structured so that you can dip in and out of the classes - I can modify each activity to make it more challenging for swimmers who have attended more of the classes and simpler for newcomers. I specialise in working with you and your child at your level.

As always, my lessons are relaxed and play-based - a time for you and your baby to enjoy the water and pick up some new skills and confidence together.